Transitional Kindergarten

Students entering the Transitional Kindergarten program must meet the following criteria:

leaf bulletWill be 5 by September 1st OR will be 5 by November 1st on the year starting AND have completed at least one FULL school year in Pre-K.  (***Please see below for more information and restrictions)

Our transitional kindergarten program includes:

leaf bulletDaily use of  Walking With God and His People Bible Curriculum for Kindergarten
leaf bulletFrog Street Press Curriculum
leaf bulletHigh Scope Curriculum
leaf bulletScience experiments weekly
leaf bulletHandwriting Without Tears Curriculum for Kindergarten
leaf bulletGross Motor practice
leaf bulletForeign language
leaf bulletTeacher and student led activities
leaf bulletStructured centers
leaf bulletCircle time structured like Kindergarten
leaf bulletFine Motor skill practice
leaf bulletSensory integration
leaf bulletFocus on upper and lower case letter recognition
leaf bulletExposure to basic letter sounds
leaf bulletLiterature practice through book readings, dramatic reenactments, discussion, and other activities
leaf bulletProblem solving and conflict resolution through play based learning activities
leaf bulletMature dramatic play
leaf bulletIncorporation of work plans to help children develop responsibility and confidence
leaf bulletConflict resolution through discussion and solution building
leaf bulletProblem solving through play based learning
leaf bulletDiscovery based learning
leaf bulletCurriculum driven by Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Kindergarten


*For tours and additional details, please click here to contact Redeemer Day School.

**Transitional Kindergarten is a 4-day program and students will attend Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm.

***The transitional kindergarten classroom is a place where children who just miss the public kindergarten cut off can enjoy enrichment and where a child that is kindergarten age can refine skills before approaching kindergarten.  Kinder TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) have been used to create the curriculum and lesson plans for the Transitional Kindergarten classroom.  RDS has chosen specific TEKS in which to practice as there is no way we can possibly cover all TEKS.  This is because RDS school begins after and ends before public school, RDS school day is shorter, and RDS is not in school on Fridays.  

The transitional kindergarten classroom is NOT kindergarten.  –Notice for parents of children who turn 5 on or before September 1st-   Some school districts have rules about the grade in which a child will be placed based on their age.  It is the parents responsibility to check with the school district to find out requirements for the following year.  This is especially important if you’d like your child to enter kindergarten after their year in transitional kinder.  This notice does NOT apply to children who are not 5 on or before September 1st
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