Frequently Asked Questions

What are the class sizes?
We intentionally keep our class sizes smaller than what the state of Texas allows and all classes have both a lead teacher and at least one teaching assistant.

Are your teachers certified?
Only our four-year-old classroom teachers are certified elementary school teachers and/or teachers currently in the process of receiving their certification.

Do I need an appointment to visit the school?
You are welcome to visit our school whenever you would like. Though our doors are locked during school hours for the safety of the children, you may ring the doorbell and someone will greet you at the door and escort you inside. If you’d like a more personal and informative, scheduled tour, please contact our Director, Stacey Morgan at (972) 529-1502 or you can email her at

Does my child have to be potty trained?
Children entering the three-year-old classroom must be potty trained. The faculty of RDS are happy to work with parents to help their child in the older two-year-old program achieve consistent bathroom success and be able to attend to their own bathroom needs independently. We do, however, ask that you follow our potty training policy.  Please reference the Potty Training Policy located on the “Enroll” tab under “Forms”.  To help the teachers with “emergency” bathroom runs or soiled garments, we request the students wear training pants or “pull-ups” instead of diapers.

In additional efforts to better serve your family, we offer rooms for two and three-year-old who haven’t quite mastered potty training, and would still like to attend school.

Do children have a nap time?
Each class has a nap/rest time. Although not all children sleep, the opportunity is given to those who will. Children who don’t sleep will be offered books or a quiet activity as needed.

What security measures do you have in place?
Each school day parents are required to sign in their child(ren) at drop-off and pick-up. Any change in pick-up, needs to be communicated in writing to the Director prior to the change being made. Verbal permission for change in picking up a student is allowed for those persons already listed on the Emergency Release Form. Any person not on the form, will need to present their driver’s license and the student file will be reviewed for authorized matches.

Your child is in a secure environment during his/her school day. The doors are locked and any person entering the building must ring the doorbell to be admitted.

Is RDS a peanut free environment?
We do not serve any peanut/nut products to RDS students or allow peanut/nut products in the classroom. However, it is necessary to note that peanut products or residues could be present in the classroom due to the fact each student brings their own lunch each day. While we do our best to make sure tables and toys are cleaned daily, our classrooms are used for Sunday School classes and children may have used a product manufactured in a peanut environment.

What religion is taught at RDS?
We teach children basic biblical truths fundamental to the Christian faith, using Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments of Scripture. Through catechism questions, children at Redeemer Day School are equipped to answer questions regarding basic theology at an age-appropriate level.

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